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As parents, we're always looking for legitimate devices to add to our child-rearing tool box.While we spend hours pouring over the latest books and blogs, the most natural parenting tool available may be closer than you think. We hear a lot about "mother's intuition," but is there really something to listening to your gut?

During past decades, our mothers and grandmothers had come up with ways to feed their families through tough times. We look at money-saving food tips from the '40s, '50s and '60s that still work today. Grow your own: A 1939 British poster urged people to 'Dig for Victory' using any available space they had to grow food. With other slogans such as 'Use Spades not Ships' the aim was to get Britain producing more food, as it was cheaper and more reliable than importing it.

Spread the Christmas spirit to your family,friends and colleagues. Be happy and thankful for what you have and for another day of life. Smile, forget and forgive,be good to others,think positive, help someone who need your help.Be good from your heart.

Its a wild, wild web out there. The world our children are growing up in looks very different from the world in which we were raised. Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, changing the world before our very eyes. As digital natives, children spend an average of 40 hours a month online, with many children spending much more than this on the internet.

2011's most popular baby names.

Saidaonline Magazine is getting ready for this Christmas season and we will be posting the best christmas ideas, decorations and recipes from around the world.

Teens sometimes clam up when their parents try to get them to talk. Prompting our kids to let us into their lives may mean stepping outside our world and going into theirs. Here are a few expert tips to get the conversation flowing, naturally.

You know it. You dread it. Ahhhhh, the teen years have arrived! But they don't have to be painful parenting ones if you establish rules to remind your teen who's boss.

Children may be damaging their health by carrying school bags that are too heavy.Experts at the British Osteopathic Association (BOA) said over-filled bags and rucksacks, which are often carried over just one shoulder, can lead to bad posture and back problems.

Top 7 Manners Adults Should Learn From Children.

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