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29 November 2008 04:16 am
Create a schedule that allows more time with your kids. You can play with your children and still get your work done.

27 November 2008 03:50 am
Raising children can be a tension laden time. This article suggests ways to cope with emotions when you feel like exploding.

25 November 2008 04:11 am
Giving your children household chores is a great way to teach them responsibility. Also, they will learn basic skills for their future, when they are running a household of their own. If children are not given responsibilities around the home, they will never learn to rely on themselves.

22 November 2008 05:18 am
Telling your child no is never easy. But there's no other way to say it. When your child wants something you cannot afford, say, "No, you cannot have that. We can't afford that right now."

15 November 2008 12:05 am
Keeping lines of communication open between family members can make the difference between a house of harmony and a house of horror!

03 November 2008 11:45 pm
Babies are incredibly vulnerable to bacteria, infection and disease. This is why immunisation is so important to the short and long term health of the youngest members of our families.

02 November 2008 01:41 am
Time spent with grandparents is special for kids. There is something about the role that a grandparent plays in a child's life that just cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Time together can mean anything.

31 October 2008 04:15 am
The first birthday party is undoubtedly more special to you than to your baby. In fact, your 12 month old will probably view the celebration as an unnecessary interruption of playtime. So the key to creating a wonderful event is to make it memorable - for you!

30 October 2008 12:43 am
It's no surprise that parents need some help understanding what it means to eat healthy. From the Food Guide Pyramid to the latest food fad, it can be awfully confusing. The good news is that you don't need a degree in nutrition to raise a healthy child. By following some basic guidelines, you can create an environment that encourages your child to eat right and maintain a healthy weight.

30 October 2008 12:37 am
Sometimes the animosity between separated parents is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. In such cases both parents deflect blame on the other while denying or minimizing their own contribution to conflict.

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