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18 July 2008 09:24 am
The sleep of an infant is quite unlike that of an adult. Not only do babies spend more time sleeping than adults, they also have different sleep patterns. Knowledge of how babies sleep helps with understanding why they need to sleep as much as they do.

18 July 2008 09:02 am
It is vital to be responsible, consistent and loving with your kid. This holds true for the relationship you have with your spouse, your parents, and other family members and friends that are part of your child's life too. Own up to| mistakes as soon as you make them, and communicate open and truly with all family members.

14 July 2008 03:17 am
Your food buying habits can make or break your monthly budget. Your monthly food allotment isnt fixed like your rent or utility payments, so youve got a lot of room to save or bust your budget. If you want to save money when going to the grocery store, here are some helpful hints.

11 July 2008 03:13 am
Picnics can be a tricky event to plan. On one particular day the food could be perfect, the location glorious and the activities fun. The next time you go the location could be more crowded, the food could take longer to cook and suddenly the activities become boring. In order to make your picnic a success time and time again, a few steps should be taken while preparing for this spring or summer event.

08 July 2008 06:00 am
Teenagers are expensive and want things. Thats just the nature of being a teenager. Their friends have cool things and they wear cool clothes and typically teenagers are unconcerned with things such as the cost of living and the water bill. Most kids dont know how much their parents make annually or how far their salary goes when it comes to paying the bills and buying extra expenditures. Some kids dont even know theres such a thing as a water bill. They typically understand whether their parents make a good living or whether things are tight based on the attitudes and comments made by the parents.

06 July 2008 04:54 am
Teenagers go through various stages, and it can be difficult to discern whether they are just going through a phase or developing a significant problem. Teenagers survive enormous pressures that can either push them to become better people or challenge them in other ways.

04 July 2008 01:12 am
A great many mother daughter relationships feel about as healthy as a swig of beer coupled with a joint after downing some cough syrup with codeine. They are terribly strained for years, and end up resolving themselves to a chronic stand off usually during the daughters thirties or forties, where the relationship can remain steadfast and indignant for the rest of either ones natural life. How depressing.

24 June 2008 08:35 am
How often do you hear parents complaining that teenagers are rebellious and refuse to listen? As a teenager, how many times have you complained that your parents do not at all understand or are 'control freaks?' This article is very important for teenager and parents to build better teenager- parents relationship.

23 June 2008 03:14 am
When children are taught from an early age to pick up their toys after playing, the process becomes routine. Not requiring immediate cleanup when kids are little leads to difficulty later on. Solutions can be achieved, however, at any age. The goal of this article is to both offer advice on how to make very young kids learn to pick up after themselves so the process becomes second nature and how to teach older children the same responsibility even if they have not been required to do so in the past.

20 June 2008 03:25 am
Unlike adults footwear, kids shoes should be selected with utmost care and concern in mind about the little feet. In fact its healthy for the little feet to walk barefoot most often to strengthen the supple soles of the kids. But shoes too are necessary to protect the little feet from getting injured while walking on uneven surfaces.

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