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26 March 2008 01:59 am
Prescribing exercise on pregnant women has to be just as scientific and precise. The type, intensity, frequency, and duration of a "dose" of exercise are all critical. One persons healthy, vigorous workout could be hazardous to another. These dangers may be greater in pregnant women because they are more likely to have strains and other serious side effects for the would-be mother.

26 March 2008 01:30 am
Do you recognize this phrase? How familiar are the complaints of "How many times have I told you?" or "I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall!" These are the timeless cries of frustrated parents everywhere. Such expressions are all too familiar to moms and dads who feel that they aren't getting through to their children. Yet, parents may be surprised that their children feel the same frustration in talking with them. In fact, children are just as likely as parents to complain that they aren't being heard.

25 March 2008 03:08 am
Is there anything you can do to encourage your baby to take his first step or is it all genetically predetermined?

24 March 2008 03:02 am
Many parents have the erroneous belief that if they don't use the latest technique to get their baby asleep, it won't work. Unfortunately, complicated or latest doesn't necessarily mean better. Here are 3 better choices for getting your baby asleep:

24 March 2008 02:26 am
The important role that women play as a wife and mother at home can not be overemphasized. They organize home life to ensure things run smoothly. From cleaning the home, making the meals, taking care of the children, and running a host of other important errands and tasks. For a wife and mother who works outside the home these tasks can take on the organization skills of Super Woman. And, while some women are content to take on the daunting challenges of career woman, wife and mother, others would prefer to work at home.

23 March 2008 03:56 am
Happy Easter from Saidaonline Magazine Team.

22 March 2008 03:29 am
Self esteem in an important quality for all children to have. As parents, you can help to boost your child's self esteem by following the steps below: Model good self-esteem: Express through your actions and words that you respect yourself. Children are wonderful at imitating what they see and hear. Remember, you are your child's best role model.

22 March 2008 02:53 am
A survey found that many Americans whose children are obese do not see them that way. That is worrisome because obese children run the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems and other ailments more commonly found in adults. And overweight children are likely to grow up to be overweight adults.

20 March 2008 05:16 am
If you are not satisfied with your verbal interface with your children, or you are not happy with the lack of results, or you're putting out way too much emotion, here are eight practical techniques to help you that really worked for me when I was raising my daughters. And they turned out just great, so I know they work.

19 March 2008 03:39 am
Mother's Day is considered more of a private ritual between the missus and the kids by most dads: it slips by and they barely notice it. Moms deserve better, and there are things that only a dad can do to make Mother's Day memorable for the whole family.

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