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To ensure that your child's experience on the Internet is a safe one, parents need to check their child's website activity and email. Even for teens, who might think of this as an invasion of privacy, parents need to talk openly to them about their Internet use.

Since homework starts as early as kindergarten these days, its a good idea to get kids into a rhythm of great homework habits as soon as possible. From ways to help your kids get more organized to giving them ways to minimize and eliminate homework stress, here are some great tips for good homework habits that work.

10 Things You're Embarrassed to Tell Your Teen

We need to provide our children (rich or poor) with opportunities to grow through exposure to manageable amounts of risk and responsibility.

It is really not too difficult to turn your home into a healthy home. Building a home which is healthy in the nutritional sense is the initial phase to securing the health of your children. You need to set the example by making intelligent food choices.

The relationship between teachers and parents is an extremely powerful component in student success. Yet so many parents go through the school year without communicating with the teacher or understanding what to do (or avoid) to make the most of the year.

Revitalize your hibernating home with simple suggestions.

Good news for parents of fussy eaters: You didn't create them. In an effort to find out what drives unhealthy eating patterns among children, researchers from University College London compared children's eating behaviors to their mothers' reactions to said behaviors and found that parents are usually responding to (not the cause of) fussy eating or overindulgence.

1. "Sleep now, because once that baby comes you'll never sleep again." Technically this is a pregnancy tip, of course, but I'm shoving it in here anyway. Yes, Great-Aunt Hildy, I will sleep throughout my entire third trimester. Because I am part bear.

New Years Day is just around the corner. Have you made your resolutions yet? Maybe you want to quit smoking, drop the extra pounds or get out of debt.... those are a few of the most common goals. But more and more parents are making even more personal goals this year, like finding balance, spending more time with the kids, or becoming a better mom.

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