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29 November 2007 04:31 am
Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery, or looking at a rainbow, wishing there really was a pot of gold? Isn't if funny how money can do strange things to people, relationships, and the effects it can have on our everyday lives.

25 November 2007 10:16 am
Holiday travel is stressful for most, but it can be even worse for those traveling with babies and toddlers. Fortunately, a little preparation can help make traveling with kids a lot less turbulent.

22 November 2007 09:49 am
Adolescence, the period between childhood and adulthood, is often a difficult time, both for parents and their children.

20 November 2007 02:31 am
Children have different needs at each age and stage of their development. Each child is also unique. If its been a while since youve had children in the house, check out this list for activities that can help children learn, have fun, experience success, and feel good about themselves.

19 November 2007 10:12 am
When it comes to parenting one of perhaps the most difficult tasks is that of teaching responsibility and this is particularly difficult when we are talking about parenting teenagers. In many instances you find yourself faced with the dilemma of instilling habits into your teenagers that will result in appropriate behavior while at the same time not stifling the need for them to make individual personal choices.

19 November 2007 06:16 am
We know what young people are doing more of: watching television, surfing the Web, listening to their iPods, talking on cellphones, and instant-messaging their friends. But a new report released today by the National Endowment for the Arts makes clear what they're doing a lot less of: reading.

17 November 2007 03:52 am
There is no right or wrong time to introduce your child to the family computer. Much like deciding when to buy the first bike, or when your child can go out alone with friends, the choice will be based on your parenting style, your values and, most importantly, your childs readiness. Consider the following milestones as you help your children learn how to use the computer, how to communicate online, and how to remain safe.

12 November 2007 05:36 am
Youve seen them in the grocery store: children who have no manners! They grab everything they want from the shelves, push and shove while waiting in line, and talk back to their parents. If you are a parent, you are probably wondering what to do to keep your child from turning into a terror. While no child is perfect, there are some things you can do to teach a child the proper way to behave in public.

08 November 2007 05:07 am
Nowadays, it seems as thought there are more and more things for teenagers to buy every day. There are video games, designer sports shoes, mp3 players, expensive clothes and much more. If, like most people, you are not made of money, then it is obviously hard to give your teenagers everything they want and, for this reason, it is important for us to help them to understand the value of money.

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