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It is an awful feeling for a parent to have to force a child who doesn't like school to go anyway. But of course, you have to make your kids attend school (because education is compulsory for one thing but also because it's important).

There is a huge area in parenting young children, which sometimes is overlooked. Parents seem happy to leave this area to the whoever is the primary caregiver. Today this can be many people either Mom or Dad, grandparents, or anyone else. I believe the leading central theme, the heart of parenting young children, is being there.

Long division and long multiplication have been replaced in schools by chunking and gridding. While the new methods are meant to make maths easier, parents have been left scratching their heads, writes Rob Eastaway.

As we may all know each of us have our own way of parenting and raising kids. We do different things concerning our guidance and care for our kids. It is not an easy task for most and it can prove to be really daunting.

Disciplining children as a babysitter or nanny can be difficult, as many parents have different views on which rules can be bent and which ones they should stay firm on. There tends to be a fine line between not giving into certain behaviors, but also ensuring the kids are happy and having a good time.

Fussy eaters can be frustrating to parents, especially when you can't determine why your child is fussing over his bottle or his plate.

No brothers or sisters? No problem, according to a U.S. study that found growing up without siblings did not diminish teenagers' social skills.

We all know fire is dangerous and we have to keep our kids from getting to close to it and not play with it. We need to teach our kids the dangers of fire and why not to play with it when they are young.

Being a good grandparent sounds easy, but there's a fine line that new grandparents have to walk if they are to succeed in this role. As a grandparent, you need to learn your new boundaries since you're no longer the primary relationship in a child's life.

Being a parent is one of the most important jobs anyone can have. It takes a lot of work and determination to be a loving and supportive parent to any child.

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