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This year's summer movie season is all about asking "What if?"

For many Americans, the passing of Thanksgiving means it's time to buckle down on Holiday shoppingbut for cinemaphiles it's time to go to the movies. As studios seek to capitalize on the availability of audiences during the holidays and to get their films released, at least in limited distribution, in time to be eligible for the Academy Awards (nominations for which are due Jan. 3, according to the Los Angeles Times), movie theaters tend to fill up with some of the most Oscar-friendly fare of the whole year.

As the title character of Steven Spielberg's solemnly transfixing "Lincoln," Daniel Day-Lewis is tall and elegantly stooped, with thatchy gray-black hair, sunken cheeks, and a grin that tugs at the corners of his mouth whenever he tries to win someone over by telling them a good story (which is often).

The story so far: Northwest teen Bella Swan falls in love with Edward Cullen, a mysteriously aloof, fair-skinned but exceedingly well-educated young man who confesses to being a "vegetarian" vampire.

James Bond just turned 50 in movie years, anyhow ("Dr No" came out in 1962) and in "Skyfall" Her Majesty's sexiest spy seems to be on the verge of a midlife crisis: He's stuck in a rut, feeling redundant and getting self-conscious about his age.

Perhaps you have done something like this at some stage in your life: you wake up late for work, hung-over, maybe still a little drunk. You throw on some clothes and report for duty.

Skyfall doesnt open in the States until the weekend after next, but moviegoers overseas have already kicked-off the Daniel Craig-starrers box office success.

Ben Affleck's C.I.A. thriller "Argo" is having quite the box office run.

Distracted by the easy money of Halloween slasher films, Hollywood has long ignored the more fun-spirited side of the modern, billion-dollar Carnivalesque holiday.

Anyone who has complained that today's movie industry lacks imagination, ambition and originality (and who hasn't?) had better take a look at "Cloud Atlas."

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