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Mark (John Hawkes) is a 36-year-old virgin and impatient to do something about it. But he's also a good Catholic, which complicates matters. And then there's his domestic situation: he spends most of the day horizontal, in the iron lung, a cylinder that looks a bit like a torpedo tube, that helps him breathe.

It's official: Neeson Season has stretched to October.

Tim Burton's most enjoyable movie in a long time, "Frankenweenie" suggests this improbable blockbuster director is at his best when he's playing to an audience of one: himself.

It's hard to believe it's been 30 years since E.T. and Elliott took a ride across the moon.

Liam Neeson has had an indisputably amazing year.

You know what happens in "Taken 2," don't you? The same thing that happened four years ago in Taken, but different. (But the same.)

Right about now, some intern at Sony is probably carting a few crates of champagne into the boardroom. Or at the very least least a couple buckets of Halloween candy.

Most of the muckraking Hollywood movies we think of as classic tend to sketch their dramas inside very clean and satisfying moral lines.

If you saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "Premium Rush" or "The Dark Knight Rises" this summer, you will be surprised at how different he looks in "Looper," a hit-man thriller with a time travel conceit.

Two movies - Jake Gyllenhaal thriller End of Watch and Jennifer Lawrence horror film House at the End of the Street - have tied for top spot at the US box office.

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