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27 April 2008 03:49 am
Wedding cakes have come a long way from the traditional fruitcake with white marzipan icing. These days they come in all sorts of flavours and designs. Cutting the cake is usually the last formal act a bride and groom do before relaxing into the reception. After the speeches are done the bride and groom cut the first slice and usually leave the rest of the cutting and distribution to the attendants and staff.

26 April 2008 04:39 am
A little girl grows up dreaming of her wedding day with a perfect picture in her mind on how it is supposed to be. Then we grow up, get engaged and become shocked at how expensive everything is. Things become crazy and we get stressed out wanting everything to be perfect but wondering how to pay for it all. A wedding should not put you in debt. Debt is not a good way to start a new life with the person you love.

25 April 2008 04:57 am
You need to prepare for many different items for your weddings. You will need to prepare for the wedding venue, decorations, invitation, gown, cake and so on. You will certainly encounter obstacles and pressures when you are doing your wedding planning. In order the ease the problems and make it less stressful, a good planning will be needed.

24 April 2008 04:19 am
Planning an outdoor wedding can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately it can also be a very uncertain business. The elements can conspire to soak or bake your wedding respectively; swarms of locusts could descend upon the bridesmaids; or it could just plain be too windy.

22 April 2008 03:05 am
Planning your wedding involves a great deal of decision making. Theres the ceremony and the dress. The attendants and guests. The music and the cake. Arggh! Suddenly you feel overwhelmed with questions and choices, and you still have one of the most important decisions to make where to go on your honeymoon! How do you choose the perfect spot for you and your spouse to start your new life together?

21 April 2008 02:22 am
Your wedding is going to be one of the best days of your life and it should be memorable for everyone. Why not make it extra special with an amazing caterer that will go beyond everyone else. Go ahead and get an ultra special favor, place card, save the date cards or anything you desire, all personalized for your wedding. The best thing is they all can be done out of chocolate! Not only that but you place an image of your choice on a candy bar, on a cookie or lollipop and they will be 100 percent edible.

20 April 2008 12:09 am
Getting married has got to be the most nerve wracking day in anyone's life. It is a huge step to take to commit yourself to one person for the rest of your life and hopefully it will be your only marriage sop you want to get it right. Add the fact that seeing crisscrossed sabers held high as the newlyweds pass through is something we thought wed only see in royal weddings. Planning weddings is easy and stress-free with a wedding planner.

19 April 2008 12:27 am
The design of your wedding invitations is very important, as it creates the first impression about your wedding ceremony. First of all, the main aim of the invitation card is to inform invited people about location, date and time of the event. But it also described the style and theme of the party.

16 April 2008 04:10 am
Couples have beach weddings for different reasons: to get married in an exotic location, to save money on ceremony and reception costs, or simply to enjoy a more informal wedding with friends and family. Before you decide on an oceanfront destination, remember to check if you need a city permit or other document to hold the event at the beach.

14 April 2008 01:00 am
Planning a wedding always begins when the question is popped. Most people know the type of wedding they would like to have, but when you add another persons dreams, aspirations and religious feelings it can require some discussion. The couple are an important part of planning a wedding and whether its the parents of the bride or the groom or a wedding planner, the wishes of the couple have to be taken into account. This is especially true of the type of ceremony that the couple decides on.

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