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18 March 2008 03:16 am
Part of planning for a wedding is selecting appropriate decorations. Here are some ideas that may help in your wedding preparations.

12 March 2008 07:50 am
The most mystical beach weddings in world are organized by selected beach resorts, like Sandals Resorts. Beach wedding can be a wonderful wedding that is sure to be poles apart than general wedding events. If you have selected a Beach Resort or Beach Palace for your wedding, then the ideas are as endless as your thoughts! The most important benefit of beach wedding is to explore your total creative ideas in true manners with optimum freedom.

10 March 2008 09:51 am
Wildflowers have taken the stage recently as wedding flowers of choice for many couples. They offer a simple yet unique and elegant feel while adding just the littlest relaxing element to the wedding plans. A step back from formal bouquets, a bunch of wildflowers brings vivid colors to the celebration, accenting the brides gown and the bridal partys attire.

10 March 2008 09:49 am
The ceremony music is played during the ceremony that includes the prelude, processional, ceremony, recessional and postlude. Prelude music is played before the ceremony begins and while the guests are seated. The processional music is played when the wedding party enters the ceremony site. Ceremony music is played during the ceremony. Recessional music is played as the wedding party leaves the site. Postlude is played when the guest leaves the site.

10 March 2008 09:33 am
You can order the wedding cake from a caterer or a bakery. Some hotels and restuarants may also be able to provide a wedding cake. But ordering it from a bakery who specializes in wedding cakes will probably be better. When ordering the cake you have to choose the flavor, size, design and shape. Size is determined by the number of guests.

06 March 2008 01:43 pm
Every bride to be spends countless hours searching for the perfect wedding gown. Here are some tips and pointers to help you in finding the perfect wedding dress.

04 March 2008 06:30 am
50th wedding anniversary planning can be a bit stressful! 50 years of making friends and family can mean that there would be lots of people to invite and the expectation of a great party as well as a big mixture of ages can add to the pressure. Not that I am trying to put you off! If you plan your anniversary party then there will be no need to panic.

29 February 2008 06:35 am
Every bride and groom have their own ideas for the ideal wedding location. Sometimes the place is selected based on weather constraints; some, on tradition; others, on romantic ideas. Whatever the reason for the choice, every bride wishes for a beautiful wedding which leaves behind lovely memories.

27 February 2008 08:09 am
In the United States over two million wedding ceremonies are held every single year. This said, no two shall be exactly alike. Think about it - the dress, the flowers, the colors, the cake, the size of the guest list, all of these aspects will differ the list goes on. But one fact remains. Each and every single one of these weddings is guaranteed to include one element: the bride and groom. And in this ritual that husband and wife together as a couple in the eye of the lord, and in the view of the law, the exchange of vows really is the very heart and soul of the entire ceremony.

27 February 2008 08:03 am
The bouquet is one of the most beautiful and important elements of bride's attire. It should be carried low enough so that the intricate details of your gown are visible. The traditional bouquet is made of white flowers but there are many design, size, scents, color to choose from. If you want a colorful bouquet you can use roses, freesias, tulips, stock and gerbera. There are also fragrant flowers for bouquets such as gardenias, magnolias, freesias and wisteria.

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