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Looking to earn your degree? Look into options that can offer real-world, work-relevant value.

Could you have resume-itis? Resume-itis is a mental condition where the job seeker assumes that all problems with their job search can easily be solved by changing a few words on their resume, says Patricia Phillips, executive director of career management at the University of Rochesters Simon Graduate School of Business.

These flexible online degrees could help you go to school on your terms.

Here are 10 of the top things you should never say to your manager, supervisor or employer, if you want to hold onto your job.

Working at home has it's ups and downs, but for most of us the pros outweigh the cons of working at home. While our career paths, home office setups, and childcare arrangements may vary greatly, telecommuters' reasons for working at home are more consistent.

The desperate post-interview phone call, the proclamation of self-doubt, and more blundering ways to negate your chances of winning the job

For the most part, e-mail makes our lives easier. It allows for instant written communication. It grants us permission to politely ignore friends and contacts for hours or even days at a time.

Deciding what to study in college is no walk in the park - just ask a good chunk of enrolled college students.

Are you thinking about going back to school and doing it online? You're not alone.

Are you thinking of switching careers? When making your plans, don't discount the power of transferrable skills and additional schooling.

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