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The entertainer will top the charts in the upcoming "Money Makers Issue" from Billboard. The magazine looked at the acts who generated the most income in 2010.

Singer Beyonce Knowles will be one of the headline acts at Glastonbury this year, her record company has announced.

Injuries which may or may not have been inflicted by other members, people disappearing for periods at a time, solo excursions, work in new parts of the industry...all of it has made people wonder if there is anything ahead for the group.

U2 are scheduled to play the main World Cup stadium (FNB Stadium) in Johannesburg, South Africa on February 13, but the ability to provide reliable power for the tons of equipment and staging for the show is in serious jeopardy.

The new clip for Rihanna's 'S&M' single has reportedly been banned in eleven countries.

Britney Spears announced today that her new album, due March 15, is titled "Femme Fatale" but the superstar singer and her Los Angeles producers are still choosing songs and determining the final direction of the overall sound.

Bon Jovi will take a two-year break when they finish their 2011 world tour.

Britney Spears is to perform at the 53rd Grammy Awards.

Lady Gaga has put the lyrics for her next single 'Born This Way' out to fans three weeks ahead of the official release date for the song. The singer tweeted the lyrics this week.

A new free-to-air social media music chart has today launched, providing a unique aggregated measure of popularity across multiple social networks and music services.

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