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Australian band Men At Work will not be allowed to make a final appeal against a ruling which found they partly copied 1983 hit Down Under from a folk song.

It's not often that we here at Shine are rendered giddily speechless by a pop icon performing on a certain Music Television network, but oh my goodness! Beyonc's new video for her new song "Countdown" is no regular MTV experience.

With only half the members still with us, discussions of a Beatles reunion is a moot point, but Paul McCartney feels that there definitely would have been one if John Lennon and George Harrison were still with us.

Coldplay will livestream a concert from Madrid just as the band is releasing its fifth album.

Adele has started writing the new James Bond song, it has been reported.

Top 10 albums of the week

Just five months after giving birth to twins, new mom Mariah Carey is back at work.

Colombian singer Shakira will receive the Recording Academy person of the year at the Latin Grammys in November.

Having sold over 44 million records worldwide, had 14 number one singles and 7 number one albums, Irish super-group Westlife are celebrating over 14 years of success by releasing their brand new single 'Lighthouse' on November 13th (physically 14th) with the release of their 'Greatest Hits' on November 21st.

Justin Bieber has recorded a song with Usher for his Christmas album.

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