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Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Motown veteran Smokey Robinson are set to perform at a tribute concert in honour of Michael Jackson.

U2 are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their pivotal 1991 album 'Achtung Baby' with a spectacular array of box sets spanning five different formats.

For her third album, Brit hitmaker Adele plans to employ a country/bluegrass sound.

Just ahead of tomorrow's release of her album "4," Beyonce made global headlines this weekend after nailing her debut headlining gig at the Glastonbury Festival.

Japan's sagging tourism industry couldn't have asked for a better ambassador than one of the world's biggest entertainment stars, Lady Gaga.

Clarence Clemons, the saxophone player in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, has died, aged 69, a spokeswoman for the band has said ,Clemons was taken to hospital about a week ago after suffering a stroke at his home in Singer Island, in the US state of Florida.

Lady Gagas much-hyped album Born This Way officially arrived today, and although the album is going for $11.99 on iTunes, you can also buy it for about a dollar on Amazon.

As image-driven as the entertainment business can be, Brit singer Adele says in the new issue of Rolling Stone that she'd rather keep the attention on her music.

Adele has continued her reign at the top of the UK album and singles charts this week.

The 60-year-old musician reportedly plans to end his music career due to hearing problems, a dislocated vertebra and nerve damage in his hands all caused by a lifetime spent hunched over a drum set.

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