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10 February 2009 02:24 am
Authorities in the Philippines were trying to drive back to sea a pod of about 200 dolphins that had swarmed to shallow waters in Manila Bay on Tuesday morning.

08 February 2009 03:56 am
NASA Friday delayed the launch of the shuttle Discovery's mission to the International Space Station by three more days, to February 22, to allow more time to test potentially troublesome fuel valves.

04 February 2009 03:51 am
We all want to be happy but the problem has always been that you can't measure happiness.

03 February 2009 02:37 am
Iran placed its first homemade satellite in orbit using a Safir-2 rocket, two local news agencies reported Tuesday without quoting sources.

31 January 2009 03:16 am
Mount Redoubt, the Alaskan volcano expected to erupt at any time, is getting a bit more edgy.

29 January 2009 02:40 am
Suggesting that the planet will soon reach an irreversible "tipping point" of damage to the climate, former Vice President Al Gore told members of Congress on Wednesday that the United States needs to join international talks on a treaty.

28 January 2009 06:58 am
Emperor penguins, whose long treks across Antarctic ice to mate have been immortalised by Hollywood, are heading towards extinction, scientists say.

28 January 2009 03:11 am
California octuplets believed to be the nation's second live-born set were "doing very well" one day after their birth, and aside from some oxygen assistance, all the babies were breathing on their own, doctors said Tuesday.

27 January 2009 07:29 am
A woman in California delivered what may be the nation's second live born set of octuplets on Monday morning, surprising doctors who expected seven babies.

27 January 2009 03:49 am
Are you a social butterfly, or do you prefer being at the edge of a group of friends? Either way, your genes and evolution may play a major role, U.S. researchers reported on Monday.

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