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26 April 2008 04:32 am
After digging out pictures on a sighting of a small, non-threatening shark (at least thats what the locals say) on a trip to Hawaii quite a while ago, I got to thinking. Sharks are really fascinating creatures! They have captured the hearts of men all over. Feared for their apparent eating habits, only further fed by news reports and Hollywood movies, sharks are avoided and sometimes have been hunted and now not too many remain in the seas. However, many people have recognized the true majesty of the shark, thanks to science. In light of that, here are five things you probably didnt know about sharks.

26 April 2008 03:43 am
WELLINGTON, New Zealand - New Zealand's biggest glacier is melting at its fastest pace in recent history, a scientist said Thursday. The Tasman Glacier on South Island was 18 miles long in 1990, with virtually no lake at its front edge, Massey University glacier expert Martin Brook said.

22 April 2008 11:47 pm
You envy the guy at work who has a photographic memory, or perhaps, a friend who never forgets a name. Or maybe youre tired of always trying to match the right face to the right name. Not only does intelligence matter in getting ahead in life, so do your memory, and the ability to use it right!

20 April 2008 06:29 am
Many tigers held in captivity have "pure-bred ancestry" and could play a key role in the survival of diminishing wild populations, a study suggests.

18 April 2008 12:16 am
We tend to think of glacial as a synonym for slow, but summer on an ice sheet can be pretty dynamic. Lakes can form on ice sheets as melt water pools during warm summer days. These lakes decrease the albedo of the surface, leading to more melting. Once enough water collects, the pressure it creates can cause a fracture in the underlying (less dense) ice, allowing the lake to drain catastrophically.

16 April 2008 05:17 am
Research has suggested vitamin supplements do not extend life and could even lead to a premature death. A review of 67 studies found "no convincing evidence" that antioxidant supplements cut the risk of dying.

14 April 2008 07:57 am
Scientists have developed a technique that pinpoints key biodiversity hotspots, which they say will lead to more effective conservation strategies. Researchers used the system to identify vital habitats in Madagascar, which is home to a vast array of unique species.

09 April 2008 03:16 am
The creator of DNA fingerprinting heads the shortlist for the prestigious Millennium Technology Prize. Professor Alec Jeffreys is joined by Prof David Payne, co-inventor of an optical amplifier which transformed telecommunications, on the list.

04 April 2008 06:42 am
Global temperatures will drop slightly this year as a result of the cooling effect of the La Nina current in the Pacific, UN meteorologists have said.

03 April 2008 07:04 am
Scientists have produced further compelling evidence showing that modern-day climate change is not caused by changes in the Sun's activity. The research contradicts a favoured theory of climate "sceptics", that changes in cosmic rays coming to Earth determine cloudiness and temperature.

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