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All is set for one of the most ambitious space missions ever devised.Nasa is about to launch its latest Mars rover, nicknamed Curiosity, from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The Australian government has announced plans to establish the world's largest protected marine area in the Coral Sea.The proposed Coral Sea Commonwealth Marine Reserve will cover 989,842 square kilometers (around 380,000 square miles) an area roughly one tenth the size of the U.S.

Is it time to consider shifting efforts away from saving some of the world's most famous species?

Follow Daniel Kish out onto a dock and ask him about the view. "There's this pylon here and there's an object about 20 feet away here and another one, about 50 feet away," says Kish, overlooking a bay in coastal Maine during the recent PopTech conference, where he was a featured speaker. "I guess those are boats. I can't tell from this distance, really, but they're solid and we're on the water so it stands to reason."

Six volunteer astronauts emerged from a 'trip' to Mars on Friday, waving and grinning widely after spending 520 days in seclusion.

At its current pace humankind is expected to need a second planet by the year 2030.

Normal age-related changes in the brain can slow some cognitive processes, making it a bit harder to learn new things quickly or to ward off distractions. The good news is that, thanks to decades of research, most of us can sharpen our minds with proven, do-it-yourself strategies. Here are some ways to boost your ability to remember as you age.

Scientists at Oxford University have developed a new car that can "see" the world around it.

One reason optimists retain a positive outlook even in the face of evidence to the contrary has been discovered, say researchers.A study, published in Nature Neuroscience, suggests the brain is very good at processing good news about the future.

A Pennsylvania company has won a $1.35 million prize from NASA for developing a highly efficient airplane power by electricity.

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