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Ice floating on the Arctic Ocean melted unusually quickly this year, but did not shrink down to the record minimum area seen in 2007.

The UK needs to prepare itself quickly to deal with the impacts of climate change, government advisers warn.

Polar bears clinging to melting ice sheets have become one of the most frequently used images to portray the perils of climate change.

Animal welfare experts have said it could take weeks to free a humpback whale which has been caught up in creel ropes off Shetland.

Freshwater turtles are in catastrophic decline, according to a new analysis by Conservation International (CI).

Scientists say they've carried out the first rigorous analysis of dance moves that make men attractive to women. The researchers say that movements associated with good dancing may be indicative of good health and reproductive potential.

Carbon-rich organic molecules, which serve as the building blocks of life, may be present on Mars after all, say scientists - challenging a widely-held notion of the Red Planet as barren.

Perhaps we will never be able to answer that question...or maybe we will... who knows.

Solar and wind will become Earth's dominant contributor of energy due to continuous research and development of alternative energy, a Nobel prize winning scientist said on Tuesday.

Tiny charges gathered directly from humid air could be harnessed to generate electricity, researchers say.

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