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09 January 2010 11:22 am
Dark circles under the eyes can give your face a less than youthful glow. Even if you have no other lines or wrinkles, those bags under your eyes can make you age instantly.

08 January 2010 08:57 am
Cold temperatures and windy conditions can be very damaging for the skin. The air in winter is usually drier than in other seasons, and this dry air can result in dry itchy skin. In winter, we are also more likely to use heaters and central heating.

06 January 2010 08:46 am
Strong fingernails resistant to breaks depend on both a healthy diet and the proper nail care.

05 January 2010 07:02 am
Start your beauty routine afresh for the new year and you'll soon reap the benefits of flawless skin.

05 January 2010 05:43 am
Great, healthy hair denotes a healthy body as well. So if you have one; you get the other one for free. A balanced and nutritious diet is a must for healthy hair, as is the case with a healthy body. Here is a great recipe and beauty tip to get you amazing hair!! You will not believe the results this would give you.

04 January 2010 06:50 am
Our skin is the first thing that people notice about us. Yet, we spend little time caring for it. Pampering our skin is something that we need to do on a regular basis because age is often unkind to our skin it starts to thin as the years go by and becomes more wrinkled.

07 December 2009 06:04 am
Never hit the bed with your make up on. If you do so the make up will get in to your facial skin pores and may close them and eventually may mess up your skin.

07 December 2009 03:41 am
If your curly hair is frizzy or fly away, it can have a negative effect on the end result of your hairstyle. Taking charge of your unruly curls and getting your hands on products specially designed to care for curly hair will help you trade frizz for fabulous.

05 December 2009 09:34 am
Understanding the unique demands of your skin will help you care for it better.

03 December 2009 08:20 am
A stunning look includes your whole appearance - hair, make-up, clothes and attitude. All it takes is one fashion oversight to ruin an otherwise perfect look.

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