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Designer clothing, perfectly applied makeup, and fine jewelry are all wasted if your hair looks greasy, dull, or messy. Fortunately, no one needs a hair salon or expensive hair products to have hair that looks professionally cared for and styled.

Ask most dermatologists what you should eat to help improve your skin and you'll probably get a vague answer about a balanced diet and plenty of water.

9 Shocking Ways You're Ruining Your Skin

Have you ever wanted to copy the smoldering, smoky eyed look seen on the red carpet or fashion runways? Now is your chance. Creating the look can be fun and the results can be dramatic. Your makeup can look like it was created by a professional when you follow these steps.

Getting and maintaining wrinkle-free skin is a 24/7 job. Heres how to work the nightshift.

Bad skin gives bad impression. Fast food and other packed juices make the scenario worst. Your skin reflects what you eat everyday.

Wrinkles. Some women see them as the bane of their existence, and they actually go through all means they could possibly afford just to get those wrinkles off their faces, the means ranging from expensive creams to Botox to plastic surgery and facelift.

Those heavy foundations and dark makeup shades may have worked for winter, but warmer weather calls for a whole new beauty routine.

Wash your hair either on a daily basis or at least on alternate days.

Limit shampooing your hair to no more than twice a week., shampooing strips your hair of its natural oils.

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