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The wrong color lipstick, heavy lip liner and lips that have been "drawn on" are common makeup mistakes that will ruin your overall look. Many women who are unsure of how to wear lipstick skip that step totally leaving makeup looking unbalanced.

It is normal for cold weather to dry, irritate, and even chafe your skin. You can keep your skin smooth and vibrant by following these simple tips.

When it comes to makeup, mascara is one of the most popular beauty products on the market. Mascara defines and brings color to the lashes, and highlights and dramatizes eyes. Different formulas can enhance your lashes in different ways. Follow these cosmetic tips to get the eye-enhancing lowdown on applying mascara.

Eye-shadow is applied between eyebrows and eyelashes - a tender part with the finger.

Beauty myths you were curious about and now we have answers! Beauty expert, Lauren Zeifman,separate fact from fiction.

Experts recommend that while basic clean-ups are sufficient to keep your skin clean and healthy during your teens and 20s, facials are of utmost importance as you cross 35 years of age.

5 Surprising Ways You're Ruining Your Skin.

Some of the ways to keep skin hydrated and healthy after a summer of tanning include:

We all have bad hair days but avoiding them could be as easy as choosing the right brush, following are some tips on washing your hair and using good hair care products!

Eat plenty of foods rich in vitamin C such as blackcurrants, blueberries, broccoli, guava, kiwi fruits, oranges, papaya, strawberries and sweet potatoes; they all help to produce collagen that strengthens the capillaries that feed the skin.

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