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These may not be household names, but one peek at these hidden gems and you'll know why they deserve protection and recognition.

With crazy expensive airfares and an exchange rate that makes every American's bank account cringe, the past several years have meant that taking a European vacation has become a distant dream for most of us cost conscious travelers.

Vancouver has been named the world's 'most liveable' city for the fifth year running.

Traveling alone can be just as rewarding if not more than traveling with a friend or loved one.

If you're going to imagine yourself on an exotic island, dare to dream big! Here are 10 one-of-a-kind islands where you'll discover every item on your wish list, from overwater bungalows and pristine wildlife to sublime street food and mysterious cultural monuments.

Beat the back to work blues and start planning your next escape with our top 10 places to visit in 2011.

Do you know the most romantic hotels in the world? This article will give you some information about those hotels; maybe you can go along with your lover and spend your time to experience the romantic journey.

Of all the storied holiday-season traditions, the New Years resolution has long been a laughingstock, ranking somewhere between the office Secret Santa and the barking-dogs version of Jingle Bells.

Romantic island getaways from the Caribbean to the South Pacific to help start or stoke the flame.

Trying to boil down the top 10 travel destinations in the world is a daunting task - but there are definitely a handful of them that every intrepid adventurer should attempt to visit.

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