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Sweden has more than 400 museums with the capital city Stockholm having more than 100 museums. With so many great museums to choose from and with each museum exhibiting a subject from art to natural history, there are several that kids will enjoy too.

When you plan your holiday to Malta you will want to visit some of the popular areas where the fun and excitement is going on.

Described as the Middle East light, Bahrain is a country that mixes modern infrastructure with the identity of the Gulf. This country is known to be a Muslim country but is considered as one of the more liberal ones after it allowed its citizens the freedom to choose their religion.

Montpellier is often overlooked by first-time visitors to France, but this vibrant university town has plenty to do and offers an authentic slice of French life.

If you are planning to take a romantic vacation, you have a wide choice of sunny beaches, tropical islands, or snow-clad mountains. Basically, you would want to get the best quality time for your budget.

For some, it seems the impossible dream. A distant playground for rich snobs, (successful) travel writers, Merchant & Ivory film settings, and your lucky Uncle Todd who once had a Florentine girlfriend.

Lori Hyde was hunting for a unique vacation experience when her curiosity was piqued by Pretty Joe Rock, a tiny speck of land in the waters off Marathon in the Florida Keys with just enough room for a two-bedroom home and a few clusters of mangroves.

Every autumn, millions of people head to Munich to celebrate that hoppy concoction that we all know as beer. Oktoberfest, the grand German fete for the beverage made from fermented barley and yeast starts September 18.

Cyprus is known for its beautiful beaches and turquoise waters. Each year thousands of vacationers from chillier climates descend on the island to sunbathe, swim and just generally relax. Cyprus beaches are so inviting that visitors return year after year to hot spots like Ayia Napa, Makronisis, Nissi and Coral Bay.

Life was good. I had been on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten less than four hours and my winter "big hair" problem had almost completely disappeared thanks to tropical humidity.

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