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With 600 square miles, 8 million people, and too many must-see sights to see, London can be formidable. On my last visit, I was up for the challenge. I blitzed the city from the second I arrived. After landing at Heathrow, I rode the Tube to my hotel, dropped off my bag, and hit the ground running.

Chocolate, waffles, beer, and diamonds have made Belgium famous.Interestingly, none of the raw products are of Belgian origin, but people are so talented that the finished product bears a memorable Belgian label.

Mauritius has become one of the ideal holiday destinations for an unforgettable family vacation as well as honeymooners. There are many reasons behind it.

Every year the travel book supergiant Lonely Planet releases its list of the coming years top travel locations, from new trends, to the classic vacation spots that have always been popular with tourists.

Its no coincidence that many of Vancouvers most popular attractions are outside. This chic coastal city is the perfect mix of urban sophistication and breathtaking outdoor scenery. Its easy to take in the citys wonders on foot or take advantage of the public transportation including the SeaBus and SkyTrain.

Travelling is the best way to relax, feel fit and find new places. But travel can only be fun if you are able to relax and keep fit during your schedule.

The Caribbean: A vacation at one of the islands in the Caribbean offers excitement as well as relaxation in a stunning, tropical setting.

As a fun alternative to the standard single area, land based vacation; Caribbean cruises are becoming ever more popular, especially with the younger crowd.

A member of the European Union since 2007, Romania is a country of almost 92,000 square miles roughly the same as the UK - but with a population of only 22m people.

Hungary became a Christian Kingdom around 1000 A.D. and for many centuries acted as a bulwark against Ottoman Turkish expansion into Europe.

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