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Kristen Stewart catches a lot of flak for mentioning in interviews how "Twilight" fandom has kind of/sort of taken over her life, but she didn't sound as down and out in a new interview with W magazine.

The backseat of a red Mustang convertible cushioned the reunion of the recently split couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, who on Wednesday were seen together in the snazzy vehicle near Sagg Main Beach in Southampton, New York.

"You are obviously, to me, always going to be The Dude," Piers Morgan said to Jeff Bridges, referring to the actor's title role in the 1998 Coen brothers movie, "The Big Lebowski."

Even celebrity-run establishments aren’t safe in the midst of the British riots. “Food Revolution” host Jamie Oliver's Birmingham restaurant, Jaime’s Italian, was vandalized Tuesday, reports Us Weekly.

She’s the last person we’d picture as the biker type, but on Friday, Martha Stewart hopped on a hog.

Beyoncé may have Sasha Fierce, but Lady Gaga takes the cake when it comes to musical alter egos.

With Charlie Sheen's exit from "Two and a Half Men" still reigning as the year's biggest entertainment story, it should be no surprise that details are already leaking from last night's season premiere taping the first episode featuring Ashton Kutcher.

Yep, that's Al Pacino under there! Passersby in Mineloa, New York, surely did a double take when they saw the actor on the set of the upcoming Phil Spector HBO biopic on Tuesday. Helen Mirren and Jeffrey Tambor also star in the movie.

The Black Eyed Peas star is glad the band - who she appears in with, Taboo and - are taking a short hiatus so she can focus on her family life with husband Josh Duhamel and decorate her home.

Beyonce Knowles never dreamed she could live in New York because she found it so 'overwhelming'.

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