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Being married means a union of mind and soul - ideally. Normally speaking, marriage is hard work. Two people who are completely different come together with the hope to spend their lives in each other's company.

"Communicate, respect each other, trust, faith, laugh together not at each other, dont go to bed angry or hurt, remember your vows, dont ask what you are not ready and willing to accept and let go and remember that often time we dont know were making a mistake unless we are told, so speak up without being rude and hurtful."

Some fights are worse than others. Maybe you screamed, maybe he said something particularly hurtful, maybe you both really pushed each other's buttons. With fights like these, even when they're over even when you think they're resolved there can be lingering resentment.

There are some women who care a lot about the car their man drives and others who couldn't care less. There are also men who are the same those who worship at the altar of their gear shift and those who say, "If it runs, it's great." But his car choice is actually very telling about the kind of man he is and the kind of man he will become.

Its the number-one question women have about dating. Does this scenario sound familiar? You have a great time with Mr. First Date. Not a so-so, marginal, you-can-sort-of-understand-why-it-didnt work-out time. No, this was clearly fun that was had by all.

In no particular order, here are ten things that many wives often want from their husbands.

We asked our Twitter followers to use the currently trending topic #EveryGirl and finish the sentence, "Every girl wants..." The responses were so much fun that we just had to share them here. (Guys, are you paying attention?)

Keeping your wife interested can be a challenge at times. Surprising her with an occasional gift is nice at times. More endearing to her heart is going out of your way to do something for her completely unexpected.

Guys want genuine women in their lives. They want to know who you are and what youre about right from the start. Women dont want their guy to change mid-relationship, and guys want the same thing from a partner.

An article in this week's issue of Science blasts the popular myth that women are more talkative than men.

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