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What makes a man fall in love?

Imagine that 2011 can be the best year ever for your love life. Follow these commandments and watch your bond with your man grow even stronger.

You realize that you are in a mess. Your relationship has gone to pot and you think you know the reason. Poor communication.

Communicating effectively takes practice and a great deal of effort. Without communication, it is nearly impossible to resolve conflicts or grow your partnership. Whether you are in a troubled marriage, simply seeing the value of a "tune-up", or seeking marriage help, here are some useful tips for communicating effectively within a marriage.

Romance keeps the flames of love burning. Top 10 romantic ideas will surely heighten the intensity of passion and desire in your relation. Love is truly a divine feeling. So, it needs to be nurtured with great care. We often take our relationships for granted and love for no reason takes a backseat.

"What's the matter?" "Nothing."This is heard all too often in relationships and marriages. It's been said that the most important aspect of a happy marriage is good communication. The ability to talk to each other and have the other person really listen is so important in creating harmony in the relationship.

If you're convinced that science only confirms the obvious, we've got some mind-boggling news for you. According to new research conducted by Dr. Stephanie Ortigue, a professor at Syracuse University, love actually can occur at first sight, and it happens within a fifth of a second.

Nagging is poisonous. It is like a snake bite, it kills a relationship. If you think you will pick on your partner and try to tell him each and everything you think about him, you will kill the relationship faster than you thought. If your aim is to change him, sorry, the opposite will be true.

Poor mothers-in-law they always seem to be the brunt of the joke . Theyre portrayed, more often than not, as overbearing, meddling or sometimes even downright evil. But being a mother-in-law, especially when youre a mother of a son and therefore acquire a daughter-in-law, can be fraught with tension.

Avoiding blame and judgment is important relationship advice. Openly share issues, emotions and concerns without blaming anyone for their existence. Even when you are upset by something your partner has done, challenge yourself to not view your partners behavior as wrong.

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