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Longer Life: Married people live longer as well. Single men have mortality rates that are 250% higher than married men. Single women have mortality rates that are 50% higher than married women. Having a spouse can decrease your risk for dying from cancer as much as knocking ten years off your life.

Being in a relationship itself entails a lot of hardwork and commitment; and maintaining a long distance relationship is even harder.

It happens again and again. You find love with Mr. Right and swear that this time, this time things will be different. Unlike your past realtionships, you vow you won't change just to please him, and that he won't cheat or leave you.

Are you tired of repeating yourself constantly? Me, too. I came up with a list of things I could do to make my husband listen, so I thought I'd share. Some have been tested. Some are awaiting their test. Some are funny and some are serious.

When it comes to marriage, there are things that you are responsible for doing that are so important to the marriage's success. But, we could list an endless list of these things. Instead, though, let's talk about those things that are most important in marriage.

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Communicating effectively takes practice and a great deal of effort. Without communication, it is nearly impossible to resolve conflicts or grow your partnership.

Theres no right way for married couples to manage their money. But there are plenty of wrong ways. Financial issues are the primary reason for 90 percent of divorce cases I handle, says John Thyden, a prominent Washington, D.C., divorce attorney.

What do we do when we first get married? We usually go on a honeymoon. That is why the first part of a marriage can be called the honeymoon phase. We feel deeply in love, bonded, and connected. We feel like our marriage will help us to live happily ever after.

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