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02 July 2008 03:50 am
One of the top five arguments of all time is financially motivated. Fighting about the bills is one of the most common practices between committed couples. It is also one of the most unpleasant arguments out there, because somewhere along the line it implies that someone isnt doing enough, isnt earning enough, or isnt able to strike and hold a budget enough. Almost every couple resorts to this argument at least once every three years if not a great deal more. Couples who are financially stressed often have this argument regularly, sometimes as often as three or four times a week.

30 June 2008 05:49 am
How to get a spouses attention so that he or she will communicate with you is an issue that mystifies many couples. Spouses report trying many techniques, such as trying to talk rationally and logically, watching to see when a spouse is in a good mood, and waiting for a time when the television is off. They also share stories of begging, pleading, threatening, and finally, yelling and screaming.

26 June 2008 05:16 am
Successful marriage tip #1 is all about focus. When you both return home after a day of work, before you do anything else, spend 60 seconds sharing a hug and a kiss, looking into each others eyes, and talking. If youre the first one home, when your spouse arrives, stop what youre doing and give him or her 60 seconds of affection and attention.

25 June 2008 05:00 am
Wedding season is upon us, and as you watch excited friends and family members scurry down the aisle, you might be wondering: When will it be my turn to tie the knot?

25 June 2008 02:50 am
Telling her "I love you" is an important step in building intimacy in a relationship. There are different ways of going about it, but you should always make sure that you mean it before you say it to your girlfriend. Never say it just because you think it's what she wants to hear, say it only if you mean it.

24 June 2008 06:27 am
Just because someone is listening to me, I don't assume that they got the communication that I sent. Neither should you.

23 June 2008 03:45 am
How many times do we say things that we later wished we hadn't? Sometimes anger or frustration can get the better of us and we simply lose our tempter and act irrationally. Counting to ten may seem like silly advice but it really does work.

20 June 2008 04:09 am
If you're convinced that you and your partner don't communicate, you may have tried many ways to improve your communication with each other, with poor results. You may think that telling him over and over will do the trick. You may believe that raising your voice will get her to listen. All that results is a shouting match that ends up in hurt feelings and silence, or worse.

16 June 2008 12:03 am
Marriage is a beautiful relation that is celebrated by all once in a lifetime. It is that relation which is delicate as petals of roses and strong as rough wind. But with little understanding and patience we can make this relation an eternal bliss. People with their immature attitude turned it into hostile relation; fail to keep the spark of married life alive.

14 June 2008 04:23 am
Is kindness more important to each of you than having your way, being in control, or being right? Do you each receive joy out of being kind to each other? Being kind rather than controlling with each other is essential for a healthy relationship.

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