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07 April 2008 04:27 am
There is nothing more pathetic and unattractive than jealousy. I have yet to find anything productive that comes from being jealous. It makes you do stupid things, and it makes her stop liking you.

06 April 2008 12:03 am
No one expects to have problems in their marriage. In fact, many marriages start off as good marriages. But, over time, some marriages can turn stale or even hostile. At any given time, vast numbers of couples are searching for ways to get their once-healthy marriages back on track. There are five necessary conditions or factors which together can help you maintain (or rebuild) a strong, healthy marriage that lasts.

05 April 2008 12:49 am
We all agree it is compassionate to avoid hurting peoples feelings whenever possible. The whenever possible clause creates some confusion when ending a relationship, however. This is an inherently painful time for one or both parties. Many tactics have been used, when breaking up with someone, to attempt sidestepping this inevitable truth. They all fail. Worse yet, avoidance of the plain, honest truth causes more misery then is necessary in these situations. Therefore, avoid being evasive or vague. Be direct while taking responsibility for what you want.

05 April 2008 12:27 am
Have you ever met people who criticize or blame you, even for the smallest reasons? Theyre the ones who always find faults in whatever you do, but never acknowledges any good deeds youve done. If youve ever wanted to know how to deal with difficult people, then this article will prove to be priceless.

04 April 2008 07:24 am
Relationships are always complicated and when you add marriage into the mix unpredictable. While there are some people who will claim to know if you are going to have a happy and long life together, only you can answer that. Marriage relationships in themselves need a lot of work from the couple to succeed. Todays living environment is not that compatible with the need for solid time lasting marriage.

01 April 2008 12:42 am
Its so easy to take good friends for granted. And in a sense, we should. Like a comfortable pair of gloves, old friends wear well. But friendships that suffer from busyness and over familiarity cant afford to be neglected too long. They need renewal. And to suggest that there are techniques for maintaining authentic relationships would be to devalue the dignity friendship deserves. Such a meaningful relationship cannot be reduced to "easy steps." Research has revealed, however, the qualities that keep true friendship alive and well, so we offer two of the most important qualities for your contemplation.

31 March 2008 08:15 pm
When distrust, arises in a relationship there are many factors which can be causing it. Unless we understand where these feelings are coming from, it becomes easy to act out, blame the partner and put all kinds of unhealthy demands upon them. We can even believe that they are cheating when they are not.

31 March 2008 08:29 am
When "paranoia" or extreme distrust, arises in a relationship there are many factors which can be causing it. It is absolutely necessary to understand where these feelings are coming from, or else it is easy to act out in the relationship, blame the partner, put all kinds of unhealthy demands upon him, and even believe that he is cheating on you when he is not. Not only does this destroy his trust in himself and good feelings about himself, but he can easily grow to feel there is no way he can please you, or make you secure and happy.

30 March 2008 04:02 am
Remember the early days of your dating relationship? What a time you both had. It seemed like every moment you got together it was music, fun and excitement. Some of your family and friends even hated to see you coming because the two of you were so into each other it made people nauseous. You are probably right when you say they were just jealous. And guess what? Neither one of you could have cared less. The relationship was fresh, spontaneous and exhilarating.

27 March 2008 06:31 am
If you have ever been in a relationship that failed, you most likely have sat down afterwards and wondered what went wrong. Sometimes it is easy to spot how much of it was their fault but it is not too easy to look at where you, personally, went wrong. Everybody wants to be the best at what they do, and being the best you can be for your partner is no exception. Listed below are 12 simple lessons that will help you to achieve that goal. Remember, if you want to be good to someone else, you also have to be good to yourself.

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