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Geagea commends SNC statement on ties with Lebanon
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Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea commended on Thursday the statement issued yesterday by the Syrian National Council regarding Lebanese-Syrian ties.

The statement of the SNC is a new gateway to correct the ties between Lebanon and Syria, Geagea said during a press conference.

However, he added that what is more important is that the clauses of the statement be implemented.

The SNC issued a statement that it wants to reconsider the agreements signed between Lebanon and Syria and ink new ones which would take into account the interests of both countries, as well as common benefits.

Geagea also said that the Lebanese government must take all the necessary measures to protect civilians from Syrian security violations.

The cabinet must ask the Syrian government to apologize and put an end to the violations along the border, otherwise, it must resort to the UN Security Council.

The LF leader also said that Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour is not applying the policy of disassociating Lebanon from the Syrian crisis.

How can the government match the policy of disassociation with the advocacies of Mansour defending the Syrian regime during the Arab Leagues meeting on Syrian crisis?

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