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10 Signs of Facebook addiction
Are You Facebook Addicted
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More than 500 million active users spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.

10 Signs of Facebook addiction

I check my Facebook the first thing in the morning
I check my Facebook on my way to work
I take my smartphone to the bathroom
I think about Facebook in meetings
I count my like its every day
I read the same posts 5 times
I cant wait to be online again
I check who is online all the time
I hear quotes for my status when I talk to my friends, listen to the radio or watch TV
I check my Facebook before I close my eyes at night

I know thats not you, but maybe you know someone like that :)
What can you do?
Addiction like anything else is dangerous and will rob you from your freedom.
Its time to detox

To detox means to get the poison out of your system.
The poison of Facebook addiction is fear, voyeurism, low self-esteem, boredom, you name it.

You detox by taking the antidote for a while.

Example: If you fear to miss something on Facebook. Focus on your life and its richness. Activate your own life and go do something with your real friends.

Example: If your poisen is voyerism, start sharing more than you read from others. Lock down your news feed!

Example: If your poison is boredom start a hobby!

If you feel pressured form Facebook its not because Facebook is bad it only brings out whats already inside of you.

Create a Vision

Positivity: Think about what you like about Facebook
Intentional: Focus on the benefits and limit your use of those elements
Scheduling: Limit your daily Facebook time
Accountability: Ask a friend to check on you