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How to make your experience look good to an employer without lying.

The current recession has brought tremendous changes in the job market. Some of the jobs which were earlier considered as well paying and secure may not even exist today! This has created a lot of confusion in the minds of people who are on the brink of starting/changing a career.

We used to complain about all the useless back to back meetings and being copied on hundreds of unnecessary emails. Who knew it could get so much worse. We used to say theres no such thing as over-communication.

With national unemployment at 9.8 percent, Americans are looking for ways to make their job applications stand out.

If you don't like working with others, you just may love one of these jobs.

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Finding the perfect job can be a challenge. Thankfully, options are all around you. Follow these steps to help you in your career and to find you a perfect job.

Right now, there is something that is revealed only to the few who know the right people to talk to. It is the hidden job market. Up to 80% of jobs are not advertised. They are found through recommendations from existing employees, from recruiters, through trusted friends and sometimes from the employer directly knowing the candidate.

Looking for a job you can truly enjoy? Check out the fun factor in these 8 careers.

Do you want to extend your time looking for a job? Of course not. Candidates are always on the lookout for the most efficient, effective way to find new work. The following tips when heeded during the job search and interview processes can make job hunting go by faster:

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