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Which type of nappies should I use on my baby - cloth or disposables?
20 October 2008 01:15 am
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The debate surrounding disposable or cloth nappies is now almost as fierce as the breast or bottle feeding argument.

Some mother's swear by disposables, where as other women wouldn't contemplate anything other than a cloth nappy. It ultimately comes down to a personal choice based on how you interpret the various advantages and disadvantages of each type of diaper. And to help you make that decision, here are those very pros and cons...

Disposable Nappies
The most obvious advantage of disposables is that you don't have to wash your baby's soiled underwear. Babies can produce an unbelievable amount of waste, all of which you will need to clean if you choose cloth nappies. With disposables you just whip off the dirty diaper and pop it straight into the bin.

However, this convenience comes at a cost - mainly to your pocket and to the environment. Disposables aren't exactly cheap and your baby will go through them like you wouldn't believe. In terms of the environment, disposable nappies now comprise 5% of all household waste. So they may be a saviour for busy mothers but there anything but for mother earth.

Cloth Nappies
The pros and cons of cloth nappies are essentially the opposite of those of disposables. Cloth nappies are cheaper and better for the environment but they do need to be cleaned, folded and stored. You can use special nappy cleaning agencies but this eats into the pennies you saved on choosing cloth nappies in the first place.

But who actually said you need to choose between disposables and cloth nappies? Why not use both. Many parents find disposables more convenient during the day but but prefer the extra hardiness of cloth nappies at night time. It's the best of both worlds.