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06 February 2010 04:40 am
There are a couple of ways to apply mascara. Although eye shadows define and dramatize your eyes, only your eyelashes are in a position to actually reflect colour into the eyes. So, to emphasize the colour of your eyes, you must frame them with an appropriate shade of mascara.

05 February 2010 05:25 pm
Wrinkles. Some women see them as the bane of their existence, and they actually go through all means they could possibly afford just to get those wrinkles off their faces, the means ranging from expensive creams to Botox to plastic surgery and facelift.

02 February 2010 06:50 am
Winter is the season of thrilling chills and not so thrilling dryness. And this dryness can wreak havoc on your skin, making your make-up look, well, not quite like it should. There is no need to worry. Just follow these tips by top make-up experts...

23 January 2010 08:04 am
Want to make the most of your hair? Here are some easy to follow tips that can help to give you a beautiful, healthy look.

21 January 2010 09:57 am
Lipsticks brightens and enhances your appearance! It is the final touch to facial makeup. Lip cosmetics are now available in sticks, tubes, pencils, as liquids and in pots.

20 January 2010 11:28 am
Cucumber is a very edible fruit which comes from the cucumber plant cucumis sativus, which is part of the gourd family. It is being used for different purpose as it can be eaten raw or cooked. With so many health benefits it becomes one of the most important parts of food diet as well as skin diet.

18 January 2010 08:00 am
Get rid of stress as this is most dangerous for your lovely hair. Bend your head while you are shampooing and massage your scalp. This will increase blood circulation to the scalp. Get sufficient sleep. Like healthy body, healthy hair also needs a good night's sleep.

17 January 2010 08:07 am
Foundation helps to even out skin tone and give the look of flawless skin. Apply in the morning and set with powder to keep a smooth complexion all day.

11 January 2010 07:48 am
Most people experience oily skin when they hit puberty and hormones begin to rampage across the bodily systems. Causes of oily skin have also been attributed to diet, stress and environmental issues, but the main reason for oily skin is the increased production of skin oils, or sebum, usually associated with hormonal changes.

10 January 2010 08:08 am
If youve a short neck avoid wearing high collared clothes. Avoid short necklaces too. To elongate your neck, wear a deep neck and a long necklace that falls few inches above your navel.

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